Thursday, January 03, 2008

THHC™ Chapter 20 - Let's Spoon! JomPeluk!©


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01 - kyh
02 - jemima & l b
03 - may

04 - mozilla monster
05 - consuela, dreamie, wennnn
06 - angel eyes (new spooner), chev, laundryamah, m
07 - cheepeeone, cibol (new spooner), ehon

  • To jot down daily notes of My Life in Google's Calendar. (so far so good)
  • To backup all digital photos.
  • Try to procrastinate less.
  • Try to spend less time online while at home.
  • Try to go back to the gym.
  • Try to make extra Moolah.
  • Try to do a better round up for year end 2-0-0-8.
Aisay... probably I should only make ONE resolution. Try to realise all my TRYs!

BUT OF COURSE, the most interesting story in the country since 1st of January is about a certain (unlucky) Soil Lake... haiiii... *shakes head*

I've been reading with great interest about how the 'general pubic public' perceive (and blog about) this scandal. Very interesting, I must say. Now, I'm not here to condone (nor even condemn) the act. I'm having my own 'fun' of watching how people react, their opinions etc. Especially those "holier than thou" type of people. It made me wanna laugh out loud to see them 'condemn' the act, but on the other hand, ........... bah! Holy my foot!

Whatever it is that people do, I always believe that if your conscience is clear, even if it's a 'sin', then you are fine. If your conscience is not clear, or you ended up regretting what you did, then itu lu mya problem. But be careful not to portray our own self as though we are angels or saints. Because the walls have ears... and sometimes, eyes.

Cheem enough?? Hah! You bet! (Testing my new style for 2-0-0-8... leng mou?!)


Winn said...

my resolution is to chup more

Winn said...

and another one:P

Aiyah Nonya said...

A resolution - "try to realise all my TRYS ! That is a good one.

I don't bother to make any because of 'trying' too amny times already.

Ehon said...

i also wanna chup more. and get more number 1. :P

L B said...

Wee! Wee!

More Wee! Extra Wee! Special Wee! Stupendous Wee!

Wee! Wee! Wee! Wee!

Yeah, I agree the huge ruckus over that so-called scandal has all the aspects of 'me holier than thou' attitude. So many glass houses, so many rocks..

I prefer iCal.

mistipurple said...

chup. aiyahh too late

mistipurple said...

you write cheem. i like. new style is good. old style also. all is good, cos it's all you. *cubit*
*free scratch for you*

rinnah said...

My resolution for this blog this year is to try and chup at least once! Wahahahaha.

Love the old angel, love the new angel, love 'em both equally because they're both still angel!

Jemima said...

You're forever an angel. :)

Anonymous said...

Give the dude some love .. ;) I bet every single or if not most of people up there are doing more or less the same thing.

Takper takper ..

Oscar's Mommy said...

my reso this year is to allocate more time to blog!!! old style new style... i super like! kung hei fatt choi!!

Mr. Goober said...

ehh, wouldn't jotting down all your daily notes in google calendar be better off done in blog? ;)

Chev said...

backing up digital photo is a must !!
Wait, i haven't back up the photos taken in Siem Reap and Ho Chi Minh city yet :P

It's such a pity that Chua Soi Lek has to step down. But it is kinda expected after the dvd was circulated and after he made the confession.

Scary huh? What people can do nowadays for their selfish motives. No privacy liao if lidat. Must search every corners for hidden cameras liao.

nyonyapenang said...

huawahhh...extra cheem, extra style. heheheee

Let those that has not sinned, cast the first batu.

zewt said...

everything also try... easy ler... hehe...

_butt said...

May you realize all your trys this year, dengan jayanya! lol.

I'm having fun watching too. any popcorn left for me? :P

Aodian said...

woohoo.. more resolutions.. yay.. good luck in achieving yours.. cheers

a^ben said...

wah! u so cheem i dunno how to understand later~

angeles said...

Dear winn,
I just typed "Dear angel" haha! I love myself too much liao! :P

To chup more ah? Wah... very sapot woh... ;)

Dear aiyah nonya,
Yalor... I never make resolutions wan.. because will never be realised. But this year, at least, I TRY... kekeke...if failed, at least can say, "I TRIED!" hehheh..

Dear ehon,
Chup more? You are more than welcome! ;)

Dear L B,
Pee! Pee! (Your favourite activity haha... dun "Star" me, ok! :P)

I tell you... I must tell you this ONE entry... remind me to tell you in July, yeah? ;) Speaking of July, how's the countdown going??

iCal I dun have in office... so, a bit inconvenient if I wanna 'update' at work... beginning of the month I'll be shaking legs ma... kekeke...

Dear misti,
It's okay.. you have another 360+ days more to chup this year!

Thx for liking my new and old style... I just action only wan la... no new or old style.. just wanna try and see how bragging feels... kekeke...

Thx for the free scratches. I'm not so itchy anymore :P

Dear rinnah,
Haha... thanks for the 'supportive' resolution! Muaks!

Thank you for the Lurve... *sniff*

Dear jemima,
I'm Devil Inside (as opposed to Intel Inside hehe)

Dear cibol,
Give him love? No nid la... I'm sure his personal friends are already giving him enuff of lurve ;)

Dear oscar's mommy,
Wah... how come so many ppl mia resolution ada kaitan dengan belog mia ha?

Thx for sapoting my stylos... lei kung hei ngor, ngor tou kung hei lei!!!

ps: I had J.Co's just now at Sunway Pyramid haha... weekday queue not so long... bought one dozen, me, mom and sis makan 10 biji, tinggal dua kekekeke... I like this better than Big Apple! Yeah!!

Dear Mr. Goober,
Hey, glad to see you around lately :)

Jot daily notes in blog? Wah, that'll be super boring woh... you wouldn't wanna know what I eat everyday for dinner, would u?? :P

Dear chev,
Haiii... I say oni... duno when wanna do... bila u buat? We sama-sama do? The more, the merrier haha...

Yup, he had to step down. If he didn't, he would be living in hell. It was something he had to do. Yes, a pity it is...

It's not only selfish. It's downright 'cin kak'! And it's all political... gua benci politikus... but not Mickey Mouse haha...

Dear nyonyapenang,
Saja nia lah me... hehe...

Yeah! Gua suker itu kata pepatah!

Dear zewt,
Haha... Make resolution of cos must TRY la... if not make it for what?? :P

Dear butty,
Thankies! I shall TRY hard! Haha...

Popcorn ah? Eh, ini movie ka?? Kakka... really funny some of the things I read... ;)

Dear aodian,
Thankies!! I shall TRY!! Hehehe..

Dear a^ben,
U dun understand ah? Neber mind lah... I won't blame u... you different generation :P


may said...

I don't even know what scandal that is, how scandalous is that? heh.

no resolutions. if I had one, I wouldn't have needed to wait for the new year to make it. here and now should be the time for anything ;-)

Brad said...

wheee me no.1!!! cant believe that, esp i'm getting it without any help from rss feed! ur brad geng mou? *wink wink kissies*

ur resos same as mine for the most part. maybe it's a brangelina agenda? ;)

and the soil lake scandal really shocked me! wahahahahahaaa... *goes to Utube to find* Aiyak! It's banned here!!!

Kopi Soh said...

Wat scandal? I blur blur here, tell lar....I gip up wanna be 1st in ur komen box liao lar, impossible.

Huei said...

very cheem!! heheheh

mm..i wan make extra moolah too!!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

dunno how ur old format looks like..but ur new 1 is pretty cool..

yeah man, bring on the moolah!

Leonard said...

As usual, never made it into the hug hug club and also resolution for the new year!


Will said...

a belated happy new year to you :D

Lin Peh said...

Thats means Sim Ai Cheng! ;-)

eastcoastlife said...

In 2007, I only get to be a new spooner! Must work harder towards the top 5 commentors this year. Kelong can? hehehe.....

Wah! Singaporeans flocking to find the video on You-tube!

dreamie said...

pwweeeeetttt !!!! ... i made it to your yearend chart as well, not bad hor ?

Anonymous said...

yes my resolution same same as winn..chup more & must be fast one..but me no rss how to chup fast wor??? blek!

my opinion on the scandal? if u tarak buat salah baru u can stand out to throw the stone la...meaning no one can condemn cos everyone oso got salah (no matter how small the salah..still salah!)

angeles said...

Dear maymay,
Waaa... you cannot NOT know the scandalous scandal! How can?! U don't read Star Online anymore? Neh, our (now former) Health Minister kena tangkap shagging another woman on DVD... woooo... scandalous enuf?

So, whatchu gonna do NOW? Come whisper to me...

Dear Brad,
U no RSS feed? Wah.. keng lor..

Which resolution of mine is same as yours? The "TRY" part ah? :P

Ha... why u so shocked about the scandal? Adultery is a norm liao... Ei, you will NEVER find it on youtube lah... it's p0rn.. youtube tarak kasi...

Dear Kopi Soh,
Ha? U oso no read our Star Online ah? Neh.. see my reply to maymay above here... very scandalous!!

Dun gib up lar... add oil, ok?

Dear ah huei,
Cheem is good... then nobody understands and then will think they are not as smart as me haha.. Just kidding!!

Let's wish for more Moolah!

Dear "Joe" who is constantly craving,
Wow! That was a mouthful! LOL! Welcome to my Playground ;)

Nolah, I was just rambling away... not really anything 'new' per se... :)

Wanna share on how you make your extra moolah? Heh heh...

Dear Leonard,
Nvm lar... no chup nvm, as long as got hugs, can liao :)

Dear will,
Same to you! Got belated new year wan ah? I thot it should be just Happy Year! Heh heh...

Dear Unker Lin Peh,
U da' Best! ;)

Dear eastcoastlife,
Actually hor... I dun quite understand the meaning of "kelong"... does it mean 'pakat'?

Tell your fellow Singaporeans that they will NEVER find it on Youtube laa... it's p0rn.. youtube sure no go wan... u wanna wanna? *wink*

Dear dreamie,
I'm glad you did! Becos you veli loyal to angel... ;)

Dear laundryamah,
Hmmm... liddis... go to, register for an account and you'll be on yr way to chup chup chup! ;)

I likey your opinion! They all are "Panana"!!! Kaka...


Brad said...

ya no RSS ever since i use this lappie. lazy to install mah. if i got RSS lagi terror, u can see me chupping pratinum in nearly all ur posts like dulu. LOL.

ya the TRY part. no wonder we are brangelina. so ngam key. ;)

adultery is norm, just nvr thot it wud come from a revered person like him mah. maybe he's too stressed from his job dy, so he went for a stress-relief session. KKK

youtube got wor, just that all crap news. CHEH... potong stim jek.

angeles said...

Dear brad,
Aiyah, no need use RSS.. Just use Bloglines or Google Reader. Can access from anywhere ;)

We ngam key ah? But... *whisper whisper* We nvr met yet wor...

He is just a man. Stress relief session? Then his wife is for wat? :P But day-day eat chicken rice, sure sien wan, hor? :P

Cheh.. youtube dun hv the Real Movie! ;) Ei, u still underage... cannot watch p0rn! :P

Brad said...

Those readers oso need to add feed addresses one mah, if not how to feed. i lazy do the settings one by one. :P

how can we nvr met jek? if not the one sleeping beside u every night on ur bed is who? hmm tong...

everyday chicken rice will sien. so maybe i shud try to find duck rice oso liao. :P

hey we got 4 kids oredy. how can be underage jek? ;)

Brad said...

Those readers oso need to add feed addresses one mah, if not how to feed. i lazy do the settings one by one. u come and help me, i gip liu kisses. :P

how can we nvr met b4 jek? if not the one sleeping beside u every night on ur bed is who? hmm tong...

everyday chicken rice will sien. so maybe i shud try to find duck rice oso liao. :P

hey we got 4 kids oredy. how can be underage jek? ;)

angeles said...

It's very easy oni ma... just copy the blog address can already ma... hor, I know.. who ask u to read so many blogs?? Hv to feed 1001 addresses, no wonder lazy la you.. :P

U vegetarian, kenot hv duck rice. Go have nasi goreng vegetarian :P

Speaking of food, I'm hungwee liao. Dinner time! ;)

Pink Cotton said...


i like the TRIES in your new yr's makes new year resolutions more practical...wahahaha

1 more mth to cny!!!

kat said...

Ahh.. just checked out Google calendar. Interesting.. So kesian here, no calendar. May have to print out the google calendar!! :P

You mean you haven't been going to gym?? I still remember your gym stories last time and how I wondered whether I'd see you at IOI whenever I see ladies in gym clothes!! :D

angeles said...

Dear pink cotton,
Good idea eh, my "TRY" resolutions ;)

Ei... u kambing to KL to do yr CNY shopping ah?

Dear kat,
Yeah, Google calendar is quite useful... dun need to use PDA liao... ha? So kesian no calendar?? How can liddat wan? Not even a desktop calendar?

Yeah, I've been slacking the past year... very guilty as charged :(

Haha.. yes, I remember your thots abt me in gym clothes ;) so fast more than a year liao...