Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Wednesday's Grr!

Earlier this afternoon, I received a phone call from an unfamiliar number, 03-7964xxxx. I thought, "Hmmm... number from PJ."

Me : Hello...

She : Hello, is this Ms. Angel?

Me : Yes, this is her...

She : Hi, I'm calling from True Fitness...

Me : *thinks, OH NO....* (Because.I.HATE.these.kind.of.unsolicited.calls!)

She : One of your friends recently joined our gym and gave your name/number so that we could send you a 7-days' free pass to the gym bla bla bla...

Me : Oh, it's okay, I am already a member of another gym bla bla bla... (trying to be nice to say NO, I NOT INTERESTED)

She : Oh, but you can still come bla bla bla...

Me : Oh, thanks but bla bla bla...

Anyway, the conversation was not my point. MY POINT is, I don't like my telephone number to be distributed prior to my knowledge. I know how these gyms work. They asked for your friends' or family members' number so that they could push "promote" their gym memberships. Same goes for some insurance agents and those MLM people. I kena this before. And I scolded my friend for giving out my number to his agent (whom I do not know at all).

To cut a long story short, please do not distribute my number without my consent. If someone asked me for your number, what I'd do is to get consent from you first before giving the number to the other person. Because I think it's only right that you should know who wants to contact you, no?

Now... who's the culprit?
*looks around...*

Who just joined True Fitness recently?
*looks around again..*


moz monster said...

I just LEFT Fitness First, so it can't be me :P

But geram when people hand out my phone ... truly feel like giving them a bash, so I can understand your feelings now.

angeles said...

Dear moz,
Horrr... you left FF to join True Fitness??? Then must be you liao... :P

Dun bash me up... I nvr gib out your no. to anyone also...

Jemima said...

It definitely can't be me. :p

L B said...

I know! You're so nice to always ask me first if you can give so-and-so who asked, my number or address! But no worries from me. I don't get anyone asking me for numbers anyway, unless it's for Dai Mai Cai..

Ehon said...


:P Really!! It's not me!

I think I know who.

*looks around*

No lar, joking oni. Hehe.

Chev said...

definitely not me :P

i know how u feel. Geram huh when number being handed out to those dunno who person.

_butt said...

not a fan of this gym thingy so nope, not me :P

*fans angel to cool her down*

mistipurple said...

i oso don't like my numbers to be passed around. even how familiar that person may have appeared to be. actually i also don't like my email to be passed, though it is not confidential if anyone were to dig for it. i am a bad gal.
i understand how you feel.

rinnah said...

Can't be me... I haven't joined no gym! Lawl.

L B said...

worry, bout a thing....*

Mr. Goober said...

i'm so sorry..I was the one who gave out your number ;)


Winn said...

could be cocka.....he needs workout thats why ..:P

eh got one time when i joined FF also they asked me to fill in a form give them 10 numbers then only they will give me a FREE starter kit i reluctanly filled in and when i finished i asked him,: so actually even if i dun gv u 10 numbers u will still give me the free gifts right. he said yes. and i quickly go n change the number wihout him number 6 - makt it 8, 1- make it 7. i dowan them to disturb ppl just becoz they wan sales. stoopid....!!

Winn said...

can i have ahboy's number?

Pookyma.Com said...

This happened to me many many times already...

Calls from Fitness First and Celebrity Fitness.

But i found out who gave la.

sengkor said...

it's not me also.. i dun even hv ur number.. ;P

King's wife said...

aiyak! now only u tell me, I've given your no. to.....

day-dreamer said...

Not me, not me! I don't have your number also... haha.

Yeah I do agree with you that it sucks to have your friends giving other people your number prior to your consent, even though it is another friend who asked for it.

For myself, if A asks me for B's number, I will ask B first. In any case I have to give A the number before B gives permission, I will inform B that I gave his/her number to A.

That's the way it works for me.

Kopi Soh said...

I reli hate it oso, one time dis fren he wan free time share offer, yunno lyk if you go and listen 2 hour presentation then get 3 day holiday free lidat wan, oso must gip your frens number so they can contact your frens oso, $#%$ he gip my number!!!

nyonyapenang said...

"If someone asked me for your number, what I'd do is to get consent from you first before giving the number to the other person. Because I think it's only right that you should know who wants to contact you, no?''....gua fully agree with you.

zewt said...

i shall not ask for your number...

it's wednesday and i see a lot of words!

savante said...

Certainly not me! But hey, you could use this golden opportunity to check out the guys in the other gym! One week affaire. Think about it.

Brad said...

I only give you kisses, not your number to strangers. ;)

angeles said...



angeles said...

Dear jemima,
Of course it's not you ;)

Dear L B,
Thanks! I feel it's only right that I ask the person's permission before giving their number to someone else... Can you give me a Lucky Number? Please? *puppy eyes* I'll BBB (Bet Big Big) hahaaa...

Dear ehon,
Not you? Sure?? SURE??? :P

U know who ah? Then whisper to me.. faitik!! :P

Dear chev,
I'm 100% confident of you ;)

Yalor, geram... but I more geram to receive these kind of phone calls... make me waste 3 minutes of my precious life! Wah, sound lan si hor? Hehehe...

Dear butty,
You so skinny, no nid go gym liao! :P

Thanks for the fanning... tonite very cooling :)

Dear misti,
Email still okay... cos if dun like the sender or anything, just pretend din receive the e-mail lor... hehe... I'm also baaaad!

Dun worry misti, I won't pass your luck number around... I'll surely seek your permission first before that ;)

Dear rinnah,
Okie.. glad to hear that... phew! ;P

Dear L B,
Is that some dialogue from somewhere? O.o

P.S. I Love You - finished download! Keep my fingers crossed it can be opened... if not... &^^%$$#!!

Dear Mr. Goober,
You ah? Come, as a punishment, send me a dozen bottles of peanut butter!!! :P

Dear winn,
He ah? Maybe also hor... cis... :p

Hey, I also kena from FF the last time! I gave stoopid numbers muahahaha! Really kanasai la they all...

Ahboy's number ah? Ask Liucas la..

Dear pookyma,
Wah.. you got so many friends all also gym members ah? So rich!! :P

So, after you found out who the culprits were, what did u do? F-them kao kao?

Dear sengkor,
Liar, liar, pants on fire! It's you! :P

Dear king's wife,
Ha? Mm hai maa? Who you gave it to? O.o

Dear day-dreamer,
Yup, not you! ;)

I feel that it's common courtesy to get consent from the person, eventhough it's a friend...

Your way is also my way!
*high five* ;)

Dear kopi soh,
Oh ya ya! I heard about this free time sharing thing also... I also got called recently to go sit for some presentation and then can get a free holiday to Bali or Phuket. Me told the lady, will think about it but of cos the next time she calls again, I no answer liao! I dun believe in all these "free" stuff... but anyway, moral of the story for this kind of tales is... dun be greedy lor just because it's "free"... nothing is free! Hor?

So, did you go and listen to the presentation ah? Heheh...

Dear nyonyapenang,
Kita sama-sama high five!

Dear zewt,
Haha... yeah, you'll be 'safe' that way :P

Congrats on your fairytale wedding! Hou lorman ahhh!

ps: It was a WORDY Wednesday ;P

Dear savante,
Haha... golden opportunity? I could... BUT what I hate is the after trial period where the sales people will PUSH the membership to me... I am very bad at saying No... so, better dun get my wallet into trouble... :P

Dear Brad,
Thank god for that... ;)


cibol said...

just like those telemarketers for credit cards .. Haih, that CCRIS is so .. violated? I don't know. ;)

I have a friend who just joined in this thing. I hope she didn't give my phone number to them la . ;)

L B said...

The song from I Am Legend... I seem to be humming it constantly these days.

Oscar's Mommy said...

not me not me.... if i got calls like this, i just hang up. tutup cerita... so bad la me...

angeles said...

Dear cibol,
Ya ya... aiyah.. hate them... but I jz couldn't hang up on them.. should learn to do that already la...

I hope your friend didn't give your number too.. aiyah, just hang up the phone ;)

Dear L B,
Eh? Which one? I dun remember... Now, I'm humming a Chinese sad song! Will post it up in the next entry...

Dear oscar's mommy,
Of cos not u.. u dun hv my number oso...

Hang up ah? Eh eh, teach me!! I also want to do this but I just tak tau how! Grrr... feel bad but still I wish I could do it!


eastcoastlife said...

I got your number, I promise I will only give it to hunks. er... probably the hunk works in the fitness centre.

Answer your sampat question : After the Sleeping Beauty escapes, the ghost would probably chase her round the bedroom, until the cock crows! wahahahahah....

narrowband said...

Nop, not me!! *Raises both hands* :p I'm a loyal Celebrity Fitness member LOL.

I'm actually okay with such unsolicited phone calls. If i'm busy then I'll just tell them that it's not convenient for me to talk. Anyway, it's been a while since I received such calls :p Unlucky you..... hehehe....


Anonymous said...

Thank you Angel :)

angeles said...

Dear eastcoastlife,
Give it to hunks ah? That's a GOOOOD idea... better still, make that, RICH HUNKs, okie? hehehe...

Wah wah... liddat I better dun use the the slipper method liao! Boh lat, ok! :O)

Dear narrowband,
OK OK, not you :P

Wah... u so good, okay with unsolicited phone calls?? Even if a guy call, u also ok ah? :P

Yeah! Happy Flyday!!!

Dear steven?
I assume u are Steven... sorry about your yeye... :(


laundryamah said...

yerr i hate that too...but aparently some get it from the banks of ur Credit sickening lor..but Amah very good in cutting the the phone conversation one...muahahahahaa,,, next time i teach u k?

Huei said...

phewf! i didn't join any gym!! heheh ada lah..when i dream..cos i really need to exercise! =P heheheh

eh..i tarak ur nombor!! hehehe

j said...

not me, i go fitness first wan.. been with them for almost 3 years plus.. by the way, hello dear!! happy new year!

JL said...

OH NO... i'm a lil too late... tickets bohliao... itu la tak rajin baca blog... :P

JL said...

eh... siape J ni ah... main dear dear mia...

*tarik nyonyapenang, may, chen and winn gossips


Anonymous said...

yeah, i agree and like yr professionalism in obtaining consent b4 forwarding the fon number....bla bla bla....


angeles said...

Dear amah,
Ya ya, I know about credit card banks doing that... very cis...

OK, I'll wait for you to teach me... ;)

Dear ah huei,
Kakaka... when you dream, which 'gym' do you join ah? I also want to try.. that one, I dun mind if you gimme 7 days' pass.. hehe...

Dear j,
Aiyoyo... lu sudah mana pergi? Busy looking for your rich 'husband' ah? :P

Happy 2008! ;)

Dear JL,
Apa ticket? The Airasia ticket ah? Wah.. so fast neh...

Eh eh... kaypo betui la ko ni... J is a schweet gurl, okay.. tsk tsk! :P

Dear budakbangkok,
My professionalism? To me, it's basic etiquette..


Cocka Doodle said...

It was me. I own up.... I gentleman mah....dare to do , dare to own up lor.

I wrote your tel no. all over the gents toilet doors, something like; "For a good time pls call Angeles at 01X-XXX XXXX."

angeles said...

Thanks la for advertising for me! U want me to 'help' u also in the ladies ah?? If yr wife happened to pick up your phone, I dunno ohhh...