Monday, January 07, 2008

Movie Mania

Been feelin' very lazy to write... watched quite a number of movies online lately. Not the 'download' type but the streaming type. Don't have to download wan... just wait for it to buffer and then can watch already. Very easy. No mah fan at all. Three movies which I found that are already ching (clear) :

The Bucket List (2007) is a movie starring Jack Nicholson & Morgan Freeman. I quote the plot synopsis in IMDB:

Edward Cole (Jack Nicholson) has worked hard his whole life to build his hospital corporation into a Fortune 500 company. As CEO, Edward is on top of the world when cancer comes knocking on his door. In the hospital, Edward is put into a room with another cancer patient, Carter Chambers (Morgan Freeman). The doctors have given both the news that they have six-months to a year to live. Carter just blocks out the bad news and continues watching Jeopardy on TV, because he knows all the answers. When Carter was young, he was able to attend the first year of college, but when his wife got pregnant, Carter found work as an automobile mechanic. Carter remembers that in one of his classes the professor gave them an assignment to fill out a Bucket List of the things you want to do in life before you kick the bucket. Carter starts writing his list of things to do. Edward sees the list and writes some other things to do like skydiving and race car driving. They both decide to leave the hospital and embark on fulfilling all the things on the bucket list.

This is a very sad drama, but it was a good watch. Of course, it was because of the two main man. Arrgh! I don't know how to describe it. This movie touches the core. The feelings. Yeah, it made me feel. What did I feel? I can't put it in words. All I know is that I felt it... good script.

I watched it here.

The second movie is a romantic comedy starring Ben Stiller, The Heartbreak Kid (2007), coincidentally, it's a remake of a 1972 title. The synopsis found in IMDB:

Eddie is forty, owns a sporting-goods store, and is still single. After watching his ex-fiancée walk down the aisle, he meets Lila, an environmental researcher, who seems too good to be true. Pressured by his father and best friend, Eddie pops the question and marries Lila after only 6 weeks. However, as he almost instantly discovers, his new bride is a nightmare with more baggage than he can handle. She's immature, foolish, a monster in bed, owes a tremendous amount of money to various sources, and as it turns out, is only a volunteer and doesn't actually have a job. While on their honeymoon in Cabo, Eddie meets Miranda, a down-to-earth lacrosse coach who is visiting with her family. Sparks fly, and Eddie falls for her. Now comes the tricky part of breaking off his marriage to crazy Lila, all while keeping the truth from Miranda about why he's in Cabo in the first place...

No, not quite Love Actually... The funniest part is the bed scene... poor Ben Stiller... and the moral of the story is - don't get married after knowing the person for only 6 weeks. For the husbands out there, there's this phrase worth your thought - Happy wife, happy life! *grins*

But I think the ending wasn't quite an ending... watched it here.

The final clear movie found online is I Am Legend, starring Will Smith. A lotta people said that it wasn't worth watching. Prolly because most of the time, it was just him and himself, and the dog. Not much dialogue, just some in-between flashbacks and him talking to mannequins... very kesian, ok... The synopsis on IMDB:

Will Smith plays (as far as his character knows) the last man on earth, our hero, Robert Neville, a sole survivor of a world dominating virus created by man, that initially takes out 588 million people in 2009, and was originally created to somehow cure cancer. In 2012, Neville (a former scientist) dedicates his life to surviving for the sake of the human race, since he's somehow immune to the virus and those who have been infected, and attempts to find a cure. In order to find a cure, he seeks out the infected beings at night, who seem to have completely forgotten how to act human, their instincts and survival skills have become non-existent, and either takes them out to survive, or in some cases, drags them to his underground lab for research purposes, in hopes of correcting humankind's mistake.

I was surprised to find a clear copy here.

Aiyah... why so boring wan this entry?? I have failed... Go sleep better...


L B said...

You must watch '1-18-08' !!!!!!

L B said...

I love the movie poster of I am Legend...

L B said...

I got a Bucket List too...

L B said...

PS I Love You

IguanaKia said...

I watched the "I m Legend" yesterday, quite good leh. But one thing I don't like about american movie is that they always make themselves looks like hero, where other nation ppl are not. Very common in american movie.

winn said...


Winn said...

ok at least u dint download. the radio ads say download is illegal geh? nvm u din download , u 'buffer' ..buffer is allowed....

Chev said...

walao.. very lazy to write, yet can write so long. If u hardworking time, then u can write double or triple the number of words? Kkkkkkkk...

super duper blur about all the movies u mentioned here. Kkkkkk.. I will go and watch the astro tvb drama series :P

Chev said...

have to wait for how long for the movie to buffer ah before u can watch it online? sampat a bit also i tarak tengok movie wan :P

oldman said...

i watch heatbreak kid till fall asleep...

legend i just finish watch before i online... ;)

nyonyapenang said... so many thau hin-hin ar? :)

Mr. Goober said...

oh hey, i also heard will smith is legend not too nice...aka resident evil wannabe :P

but haven't touched on it yet though. Can't wait for CJ7

rinnah said...

Gee, I wanna watch I Am Legend and now dear Angel has provided me with the link! *rinnah is off to do some buffering...*

day-dreamer said...

I've watched the last two movies at cinema. Haha. Quite enjoyable la... :D

Ehon said...

why oh why? why did u have to update when i'm not in?!!! :( no chup..

but yay for the movies. the first one looked interesting. love this kind of movie.

rinnah said...

Here's something to write about in 2008... your first TAG!

narrowband said...

Wah thanks for the links to watch free movies! I never knew those sites existed! I thought they wiped out all online-streaming movie stuff already :p

mistipurple said...

i sama sama chev. neber watch wan.

Poon choy Lover said...

The first picture that wan what movie ah? So many vegetables wan? LOL
Look familiar leh.

angeles said...

Dear L B,
Yessir! I just found out what movie this 1-18-08 is... Cloverfield... the poster reminded me of Independence Day...

Hv you watched I Am Legend?

Your Bucket List ah? Lemme guess... I bet with you one carton of *toot*, one of it is "Must try the Realdoll at least once"... kkkkk... oui??

Yes, P.S. I Love You... another 45% more to go... ;)

Dear Iguanakia,
Wah! You got into my Hughug Club! ;)

Of cos they have to make themselves the heroes... abuthen? ;)

Dear winn,
Whoa!! 2nd entry of the month and you managed another chup! Well done! Your resolution to chup more is gonna berjaya... hehe...

Phew... luckily I 'buffer' is allowed... really phew... I dowan to kena saman...

Dear Chev,
Ei, nolar... it was a 'camera' trick... most of it I copy and paste wan maa... neh, all the synopsis is not I write wan.. kkkk...

Someone told me that TVB drama series also can be watched thru' streaming... no nid download wan... but which website, gua lupa liao.. if u wanna know, I can go find out... shhhh...

Sometimes the buffering is veli fast.. sometimes I let it buffer overnite... depends lor...

Dear oldman,
Aisay.. how come liddat??

Nowadays, u watch a lot of movies and tv series also, hor? ;)

Dear nyonyapenang,
Nolah... I not watch sumua sekali gus maa... ;)

Dear Mr. Goober,
Ahhh.. u know what? I hv the DVD for Resident Evil (the latest one) but I've not watched it yet...

I am a movie lover. I watch all movies. And whether they are nice or not too nice, I'll still watch... because I find watching movies can be fun and entertaining... ;)

Dear rinnah,
Shhh... I'm glad to be of service! *wink*

Dear day-dreamer,
I enjoy the movies too ;)

Dear ehon,
How how how I know u not in woh... see, you so busy...

Ahh yes... I remember u like these kinda movies :)

Dear rinnah,
Thanks for the lurve, my dear! I shall get around doing it, soon :)

Dear narrowband,
Shhh... dun talk so loud lar... :P

I never knew they existed either before this! Until I started to Google keywords like "free movie streaming" hehehee... and then I hit the "Jackpot"...

Dear misti,
You should try... esp. when you can't sleep at night... :)

Dear poon choy lover,
How come you so love the poon choy? I thot you only love some black corset nia... hahaaaa :P


Firehorse aka Kopi Soh said...

I go watch i am legend now......

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link, I actually watched Heartbreak Kid last night. Cool .. Next time no need go cinema. Relax during the weekend use LCD projector watch. Almost the same ma .. ha ha ha

Oscar's Mommy said...

whoa! lidat no need to watch the dvd liow ler... just read enuff. actually got to thank you cos i also no time to watch, just read and know wat are all those movies abt enuff already.... hehe... yummy or not the other day mia phun choi?

Huei said...

the heartbreak kids sounds interesting! i wan watch!!! =D

moz monster said...

Gee ... I didn't even know these sites exist ... *rubs hand with glee* ... now watch me grab the bandwidth to watch movies at home !

Zara's Mama said...

Looks like Bucket List is a must watch?

One night, I'll go check out the link you provided and watch the movie.. Does it take long for the movie to load?

And oh, btw, Hi and Happy New Year. :P

Aiyah Nonya said...

Right, you got nothing to write . What was all that ! :)

eastcoastlife said...

Oooo... the first picture is the poon choi! Appraoching CNY, the restaurants start serving them liao. *slurp slurp*

How much does it cost for one pot (4 persons)over there ah?

angeles said...

Dear kopi soh,
Arn cua? Nice anot the movie?

Dear cibol,
You are welcome! Yeah, can watch movie in the comfort of your bed ;)

Projector ah? Wah wah wah...

Dear oscar's mommy,
Ha? Read enuff ah? Lu veli keng lor.. ppl say no nid to go cinema, you watch oso no nid watch, just read -_-''' hhaha...

The phun choi ah? OK lor... but the company we had was 'mou tak teng' ;)

Dear ah huei,
Can can... enjoy! ;)

Dear moz,
You dunno leh... I oso dunno wan... but now we ALL know ;)

Dear zara's mama,
Hello hello!

I dunno if you liked these kind of sad dramas or not... Bucket List makes me think... (but after thinking, whether to do or not to do is another story la...hehe)

Sometimes if lucky, then won't take too long to load... cannot really tell wan lor.. most of the time, I'll let it load overnite ;)

Happy 2008 to you too! Thanks for popping by :)

Dear aiyah nonya,
Errr... heheh... most of it I copy and paste wan ma... I wrote a bit only lar...

Dear eastcoastlife,
Ohhh... u recognise the 'phoon choi'!

The one we had was for 10 people, RM420, and nearing CNY the auntie said will be RM450... and it wasn't in a pot woh... it was in a bigggg plate ;)


kat said...

Aahhh.. just the right kind of thing to sit back, eat a Kri.. I mean donut.. and popcorn.. :D

Did I thank you for your card?? I forget!! Hmmm.. I'm sure I said something earlier... Anyway yours was the first to arrive! *hugs*

psst.. come with nyonya for stimbot and kk...

Cocka Doodle said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Poon choy Lover said...

Yes! yes! I'm forcing my wife to wear corset these days! hahahahaha!!!
Also must watch dvd on puter while doing it on the bed for extra 'ummph'

Pssst! Shall we give amah a corset too for her 'cow 1'? What size does she wears ah? LOL

angeles said...

Dear kat,
Yes, yes, you did thank me for the card liao! You are most welcome :)

Steamboat & KK in AD? Wooo... OK OK, think about it first...

Dear poon choy lover,
You and your corset fetish! *no eye see*

Ei... how come your comment become so irrelevant liao? O.o

Re. Amah's size, I thot you are the Sexpert? One eye, can know liao wan... No ah?


a^ben said...

the ending quite disappointing lor for willsmith` kek hei ahahahha :P

L B said...

I just finished watching 'I Am Legend', and the movie was just breathless!! Until the woman and the boy came into the picture.. then it ALL went downhill from there!! YourStarAh! I loved the part when he was daggling from a copycat trap ~ brilliant 'Oh Sit Moment'! And poor Samantha! Poor poor Sam!! Very well done, emotionally.

Anonymous said...

muaks muaks! cant wait to watch heartbreak kid!!!! thanks for the link...(again..*wink*)

_butt said...

I wana watch the bucket list! :D was looking for old movies to watch lately. have you watch Philladelphia? the one with Tom Hanks? couldn't find the VCD of it anywhere :(

psst... got Sweeney Todd or not? :P

Happy Holiday tmr! :)

eastcoastlife said...

Your phoon choi photo has made me decided to have one this CNY. I've tasted it when my HK friends gave me a treat but I have not tried phoon choi in Singapore.

Thanks SO MUCH for the Christmas card and stamps!!! muack muack muack

I was so busy and haven't been checking my mail. I got fined for not paying my phone bills, electrical bill, credit card bills, hotel bills ......... hehehe...

carcar said...

after readin ECL comment then i knw the first pic is phoon choi.

where can i get a good one in kl?

maybe this CNY i can tapao one home..

i am legend not too bad, heard the daughter in the movie is his real life daughter.

JL said...

I almost jatuh from kerusi laughing when i watched the bed scence

"f#@k me like a black man" XD

Kenny Ng said...

So many movies ah? Lucky you la... I don't have time to watch at all la

angeles said...

Dear a^ben,
Yalor... after do so many things, in the end kena mati... yuen wong hor?

Dear L B,
Yeah, very kan cheong in the beginning... Sniff... really kesian Sam...

Last nite, I just finished Rush Hour 3... didn't think it was worth watching in the cinemas... lucky din pay to watch it heh heh... I just saw an interesting movie entitled, Sex and Breakfast... hmmmm...

Dear laundryamah,
U are welcome! But... you got time to watch ka?

Dear butty,
The Bucket List is worth a watch... I read that it's only coming to M'sian shores in March liddat... waaa, wait so long meh?

I have watched Philadelphia before but it was a loooong time ago! Can't find the VCD? If you go to the shops, should be able to find kua... no ah? DVD also tarak?

Sweeney Todd, I think still blur... you can try to go to the links and find... ;)

Yeah!!! Horniday in the mid-week! So fun! :D

Dear eastcoastlife,
I've not tried phoon choi before.. last week was my first time...

Wahhh... so long only you check your mail ah? I thought already lost in some postman's truck... hehe... you are most welcome!

Hotel bills? Dun tell me it's from some hotel in Batu Pahat...? O.o

Dear carcar,
I really donno where can get a good one in KL... I read recently got one in Sg. Buluh... I forward you the link later, okie? ;)

Oh yeah, I also read somewhere that his anak is in the movie too but I not sure whether izit daughter or son :)

Dear JL,
Kakakakaka... the bed scene was hilarious! So 'hiong' wan.. haha...

Dear Kenny,
Nvm lor... but you got time to go around the malls and night spots maa... good enuff to destress liao! :)