Monday, January 28, 2008

CNY Shopping - Checked!

Well okay, it's not quite 'checked'... still haven't gotten the pair of white shoes... and the undergarments (a must, okay! Adrian, faster send real thongs, can?!) ... aihhh... what else...

Oh before I forget... which I did forget... 23rd of January was also Plink's birthday!!! Sorry dear plink... hope you had a wonderful celebration.. I have sent you a message... beep me back, okie? Happy Belated Birthday! XOXO!

And of course... 28th of January - Rinnah's birthday! HaPpY bIrThDaY, GiRl!! Happy Happy, okie??

I received my first CNY card last week... it was this cute homemade Meeny Mousy from butty! Thank you so much, babe! I love homemade cards... got more 'feel'... more love... how very unfortunate that I don't have a pair of arty hands.. sigh!

OK, I got headache now... ta!


adrian said...

What's with the white shoes? Why white? Not gold shoes meh? :P

Sorry lar, but I dun give real thongs away unless I get to see them.... :P Hahahaha.

I think if u really received a pair of thongs from me, u would be freaked out!

angeles said...

Dear adrian,
Why gold?? So lala-mui geh gold colour... :P

U get to see what? See the thongs or........??

I freak out? Eh eh, come try and see? I think I'll untung lor... cos can lelong it on ebay, say that it's from the infamous John.. oops, I mean AdrianLee... :P

L B said...

Why have you got a headache? Josephine? Ah? You forgot Ang Pow for me? Nevermind, no sweat!
Hug Hug Kiss Kiss Mug Mug

angeles said...

Dear L B,
Josephine? Who? O.o

Ang pow for u? Mmmmm.. no, din forget.. G-string good enuff?

Headache... ouch... need sleep... need sleep... *zzzzzz*

Jemima said...

I want an ang pow from you too... plzzzzzzzzzz. :p

may said...

Happy Birthday Plink & Rinnah! wheeeeee!!

no CNY shopping here, but I don't mind shopping just for the fun of it... haha! oh yeah, so why white shoes leh?

zewt said...

no CNY shopping for me tis year....

Huei said...

whee!!! cny shopping! the best thing about cny!! =P hehehe


_butt said...

if you notice the outline hor, my hands are not quite arty after all :P but I'm really happy you like it! :D

yeah, repeating May's question, why white shoes leh? I still haven't found the right jacket yet! *cries*

Happy Birthday to Plink and Rinnah! :D

Tyler said...

Red thongs for CNY, very prosperous and very sexy ;) hahaha

JL said...

i spy angel shopping kat.... MidValley! betul kah?

JL said...

oh oh... and also

chi ka long thong

thong thong chiang!!! :P said...

red undies? why no red undies?

Kopi Soh said...

Ok lidat tomolo i have to go do mai sopping liao, hmmm ehon's suggestion sounds good....item #1 red bikini.

Leonard said...

happy birthday to plink and rinnah!

wah, so many CNY shopping ah, i didn't buy anything for CNY!!

i also have a festish for white shoes, i just bought a new previous 3 sneakers are all white too! :P

Agnes said...

Wow...already shop for CNY. I haven start yet. Must go shopping this weekend ...

kat said...

White shoe? White pants? White blouse? John Travolta?? :D

Back at kay el, all the tong-tong chiang will remind me to shop for CNY. Here, ee-lek.. har mee pun boh. Got sale oso, dunno how to go buy clothes! But not easy to buy red clothes here. People here seem to like only black. I have seen so many pretty black clothes, but kenot wear black for CNY, rite?


Later-lah.. go pick up some ang-ang clothes for the family.. *yawn*

Cocka Doodle said...

Wah! My dear angeles in thongs ah? Damn sexy leh. Quick! take picture and post. LOL
You know , in the early days they said that one has to remove the panties to see the bum.
Nowadays, it's one has to split the bum cheeks to see the panties! Wakakakaka!!!

kat said...


2 plinky!

n rinnah!

H A P P I E S A L W A Y S ! ! :)

Chev said...

10 more days to CNY?
*count count*
i will be flying in 10 days time liao.

Happy birthday Rinnah
forever young, forever happy, forever pretty and forever 16 :)

mistipurple said...

Happy Birthday Plink
Happy Birthday Rinnah
forever 16! garfied chev, kkk

eastcoastlife said...

Happy birthday Plink!
happy Birthday Rinnah!

Must get red lai kor. Bright red to ward off evil and small people!!!
*stamp stamp stamp the small people*

Meeny Mouse so artistic ah, can really draw wor. Nice homemade CNY card.

Want some crispy siew yoke from Geylang? Can bring you go kiew yarp at Geylang, next time you come to Singapore. kakaka.....

bongkersz said...

white shoes? white pant? white blouse? red bra? red thong? that's very auspicious!! :D snap some photos haha! i haven't do my CNY shopping :( and i yet to receive any CNY greeting cards... :(

Oh happy birthday to Rinnah!!! (Seems like every post wishing people bday hehe..)

cibol said...

aiseh .. I want ang pow lerr .. I am still eligible to receive ang pow. Err .. why is undergarments a must buy on CNY? Just curious

angeles said...

Dear jemima,
Eh? U also want a Red G-String? Mmm... size, prease! ;P

Dear maymay,
So fun u horniday over there...

One year u went to Sydney liao! I shall never forget the day you had to leave on Chor Yat... so sad... *sniff*

Oh, the white shoes? I eyed a pair of white shoes that I think I'd wanna own... or maybe a pair of Berky? Dunno la... so blardy sexpensive...

Dear zewt,
U can shop in Paris!!!

Dear ah huei,
Haha.. ya ya, after the shopping, become broke and then no more CNY liao...

Dear butty,
Haha... shhhh... I no tell, no one will know maa... ;)

Well, at least you came out with that Mousey! If me hor.. wah, sure the mouse become like a cat!! Kakaka...

White shoes? Nah, refer to my reply to May ;)

Hope you'll find the Right Jacket soon! Thx for the card again! Hugs!

Dear Tyler,
Hey hey! Thanks for speaking out haha... I still can't get over your name... *swoons*

Oh, regarding the red thongs... red is the killa, eh? ;) But you won't get to see la... muahahaha :P

Dear JL,
Eh, bukan kat MidValley ler... biler u nampak I? Last weekend, gua kat IOI Mall & Sunway Pyramid... :P

Yeah! Gongxi gongxi!! Kiter nak pi rumah you mintak angpow from auntie... kekekekeke...

Dear ehon,
Eh? Whatchu talking? Red undies not for u to see wan ler... underage... haha :P

Dear kopi soh,
Yeah! Kha meh go and do shopping... over your side no gongxi gongxi neber mind.. I sing for u.. haha...

Red Bikini ah? Wahhh... your kopitiam sure prosper wan!! Keong hee keong hee!!

Dear Leonard,
U guys no nid to buy anything wan... Only we gurls need to be so 'ma huan' buy buy buy... sigh!

Fetish? White shoes? Eh, I no fetish la.. I just happened to chance upon a pair of white shoes that I like... :P

Dear Agnes,
Hello there! Thanks for coming over... ;)

Time is ticking away... not much time left before CNY.. so hv to faster shop till drop ;) Happy shopping to u!

Dear kat,
Haha.. no lah.. not so many whites! Whites easily get stains... not veli nice liddat!

Actually, good also if you are not reminded of CNY... because you dun hv to pokai... unlike we all.. after shopping, no more marnie... aihhhh...

So, have you found any LBD? I love black dresses... so elegant.. can hide all the fatssss kakaka...

Eh, dun yawn... I sent you something red last weekend... *wink*

Dear Cocka,
Choy... why wanna take pic of me in thongs? Dowan lah... that one is for Private Viewing only... kakakaa...

Eh, I like your joke hahahaha! Can fight with Amah in telling jokes liao!! Haha...

Dear kat,
On behalf of them, thank you!

I wonder where's Lil' Plink...hmmmm...

Dear Chev,
Wah.. u go count ah? I lazy to count.. all I know is that it's veli NEAR liao! I only like the feeling of looking forward to CNY... during CNY that time, sibeh sien... aihhhh.. and so hot summore... I'll turn into a pig those few days.. but this year kenot... cos Baby G will be visiting Penang from 2nd day onwards! So, kenot zzzz liao! Hehehe...

Dear Misti,
On behalf of them, I thank thee... ;)

Dear Eastcoastlife,
Oh liddat ahh? OK OK.. must it be fiery red? The redder, the better, izzit??

Yeah... we have a few very artistic bloggers wey... but me, really no hope in arts wan!

Thanks for the opportunity that you've given me to have a taste of Geylang's 'ducky'... can't wait... heh heh...

Dear bongkersz,
Hahaha... oi, how you know all those colours for which attire wan?? U spy ka?? :P

Mmmm... if you gave me your addy, I can send u a card ;)

Hey, will u be going back to kampung or celebrate in KL?

Eh, where got every post? Coincidentally got ppl's birthday maa... so, wish them lar... yr birthday that time, I'll also wish u.. if I tak lupa... :P

Dear cibol,
Eh eh.. guess what? I'm also STILL eligible to receive angpow worrr... how? Checkmate... haha!

Well, because it's a New Year, so, everything should be new, including undergarments... for a good New Start, maybe? ;)


Chev said...

aiseh, forgotten to wish Plink Happy Birthday pulak..
So Sotong liao.

Happy Birthday Plink :)

angeles said...

Neber mind lah, Chev... itu Plink oso dunno go where liao... :(

Eh.. how is Sotong? When is he/she gonna be revived?? Kkkkk... :P

Aodian said...

ooohh... CNY CNY.. shopping!!!! But CNY shopping got offer o not??? I cant seem to remember lah.. onlything I remember is cut hair cost more during cny.. hehe

Cheers.. and Goodluck looking for white shoes.. if not can always look for school shoes rite?? hehe XP

Mr. Goober said...

hey..looks cute :D

Anonymous said...

emmm, nicely pedicured and cleaned nails...wait till i take u for a site visit...hehehe.

untunglah ko, dapat beli baju dan seluar dan skirt dan coli dan seluar dalam baru sempena rayer cheena nih.....i jeles.


Tyler said...

Aww well, then you won't get to see me in red boxers then either, nyaaahhhh! :P

Fantasy "Sticky" Flier said...

Allo me coming back to sg for CNY and mebbe go KL jalan jalan if I go got time for kopi or not? ;)

angeles said...

Dear Aodian,
Got got! Nowadays got Sales before CNY! Luckily got discounts here and there ;)

Yeah, most hair salons will raise their prices a month before cny.. so bad, huh?

I found the white shoes already.. jz need to go get 'em! School shoes?? Errr... not sesuai laa.. :P

Dear Mr. Goober,
Eh? Who looks cute? Moi? :P

Dear budak bangkok,
Eh, go site visit will get my nails dirty wan meh? Dun bluff me la...

Eh eh, ko lagi untung.. ko Orang Kaya Baru.. aku nih, orang biasa jer... aku punye jeans tak semahal ko punyer...

Dear Tyler,
Haha... can I charm u into showing me your red silk boxers?

Eh, I din say I wanna see anything else.. only the red silk boxers laa.. haha :P

Dear fantasyflier,
If u come KL jalan jalan, of course I got time to go kopi with u! No time also must make time!! U come from so farrrrrrr! Must make time to see u.. but if u come during CNY 1st until 5th day liddat, I won't be in KL lor... ;)

See you!


Tyler said...

Who told you they were silk?! OMG have you been stalking me?! Hahaha

Anonymous said...

mestila...nak check nih, tuh...banyak kerja mah.

ko la kaya..dah lah baru promoted, single lagi...orang yg berada btui nih. jeans tu...takde aper pun....kalo orang nampak...takder brand pon..alehhh. woi, macam? rayer balik biler? adik nak tumpang lah nih.....adik tak drive balik kali nih...coz...adik pi bangkok staright away pas rayer.....macam? jadi? set?

yg tercinta

angeles said...

Dear Tyler,
Hahaaa! See.. I told you that you sound kinda familiar :P

*Roars and then Purrs*

Dear budak bangkok,
Eh eh, ko nie, pandai cakap saje tau! Mulut cakap yang tercinta, tapi kat belakang tuh, pi bangkok pun tak habaq mai! Sampai kena baca kat belog hang baru aku tau. Terkilan tau, kiter nie! Cis...

Tumpang? Boleh.. sama-sama tumpang AirAsia... semua orang boleh terbang.. ha...

Saper kata aku baru promoted?? Ko yang dipromoted, nak kata aku plak! Eh eh, ko nie pandai tukar cite tau! Ishhh..

rinnah said...

Ooo... I'm so late here! Thank you for the birthday shoutout angel and to all who wished me above!

I haven't even started on my CNY shopping this year. How la liddat! Hahaha.

Tyler said...

LOL your pickup lines are so transparent! Silly tigress, can't fool me :P

It's ok, you can get to know me now, then when you say I sound familiar it'll actually be true haha.

angeles said...

Dear rinnah,
Ahhh! At last the birthday girl is here! You are most welcome! And hope you had a great celebration! ;)

You can still go shopping this weekend! Fai tik ohh... ;)

Dear Tiger,
Hey, 'silly' doesn't go with Tigress! Tigress goes with adjectives like mmmm... sexy? Haha.. Sexy Tigress... grrrrowl... howzat?? Haha..

Silly goes with Kitty.. hence, Silly Kitty *grins*

Get to know you? Haha... U know, sometimes this world is really so small that it becomes pretty scary... but like I said, I think I'm wrong about you sounding familiar.. ;)

Did I hear a sigh of relief? Kekeke...

Tyler said...

I'll take that as a yes on my offer! Congratulations! Hahaha :P

angeles said...

Dear Tyler,
Did I just agree to something that I didn't realise? Oh well, you congratulated me, it means it's something good.. I presume?? :P

Hazel said...

wow so lot hah you buy for cny

Monk[+]Icon said...

im broke for CNY shopping... *sobs*~

angeles said...

Dear hazel,
Not really la... very little only... ;)

Dear ah monk,
Lu broke sebab lu baru buy new carrrr! Hv fun oh! Money can earn back wan... :)


kat said...

TankQ TankQ!! I received your red thang already!! Wahh.. so many tikus!! Really year of the tikus.. my flat almost overflowing with tikus!! :D

Thanks a lot, dear!

*hugs and muaks*