Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Blogger Tag


Chev gave me some Blogging Homework to do just now. Since I'm in
the mood, I'll do. I've never done a tag this soon. Usually I'll just keep in the cupboard and then forget all about it...


At the same time, I can also show off you the limited edition of my 2008 Starbuck's diary. Eh, I drank 16 (or was it 18?) mugs / glasses of coffee and a pastry just to get this, okay! But of course, the final 4 cups were 'contributed' by dearest Cocka when he bought alllll the ladies coffee that night.


The Tag:
01. What is your blogging name?
angel angeles.


02.When did you start blogging, exact date?
28th of March, 2006.
So boring the questions.. zzzz..


03. What was your first blog post title?
Write Away! Sorry, no link. Actually, I began as Angel's Song Blog. I suppose after that, I ran out of 'air' to sing...

04. Which post do you feel is the best so far?
My MindBlog. Best of the best. Your jaw will drop if I ever put it in words. Yet to be written :P But as I was going thru' my entries, there's this odd one out with 254 spam comments. Those were the Sampat Spammy Days..


05. Who promotes / is the source of inspiration for you to blog?
Our beloved Emperor L B!


06. When do you usually post entries?
Like now... In the middle of the night... cos I'm the Night Angel.


07. Where would you prefer to be when you are blogging?
On my bed. I'm a lazy bug.


08. Have you met other bloggers? Who?
Go read here for year ending 2007 and here for year ending 2006.
So kaypoh wan this tag...


09. How many entries do you make in a month?
Getting lesser and lesser. Now average 1-3 entries a week.


10. Would you reveal your face or your family in your blog? Why?
No, no. Why? Because the sky is so high.


11. Would you promote the concept of blogging to your friends? Why?
No. Because NOT all Great Minds Think Alike. Also because if I wanna talk bad about them, I can! Muahahahaha!


Would you feel restless / guilty conscience / incomplete if you didn't blog for a month?
Restless - prolly not.
Guilty - of course not!
Incomplete - no way!
Gee... I sound like I'm ready to quit anytime! And then start another new blog.

Phew! Mission accomplished! Thank god for Starbuck's diary! If not, this entry would be soooo boring to read, hor? ;)


Kopi Soh said...

Am I here?? Am I here, rub rub eyes, dreaming izzit??

Kopi Soh said...

Wah now I noe u blog at night I noe when to kam liao, hehe. Clap calp u did a terrific job with the tag sum more got pikchers.

angeles said...

Dear kopi soh,
Haha... u r here! U R HERE! U not cho bang! :D

Most of the time I blog at night ler... cos day time working ma.. but sometimes I also got post after working hours... ;) Ai khuar luck lor...

Thank you for the clap clap! Kamsia kamsia.. so paiseh... this tag not so interesting, hor? ;)

Jemima said...

Link this post to Starbucks.. they may give you a special free gift. :p

L B said...

Oi! Squatter!! LOL, remember those Longkang days? Not at Penang, but at Bangchai!! Hor!! Hor!! Hor!!! Waaaa, you have more than just those two names!! Anjali? Princess LiuLiu? To name just two.. I think there would be more than 50 altogether, no? So the samseng that time...

L B said...


L B said...

.. forgot what to say already... but it's time for my dinner now, and then the Monday night movie on SKY 1 ... The Sentinel..

angeles said...

Dear Jemima,
They would??

Nolah.. I'd be too shy to collect the gift :P

Dear L B,
Kakakaka! Oi, Landlord! OF COS I remember those Longkang Squatting Days! How can I forget?? Nevah! Alotta secrets and emo-emo stuff were exchanged by those Longkangs, huh? And of cos, with a huff and a puff.... kkkkk...

Nolah.. I only have these two names.. the rest were.. errr... they were Comments Names? KKKKKK... Samseng ah? Got ah? Aisay... where were my manners?? Soli ha if over samseng-ed u... did I extort u ah? How much did I ask for? LOL!

It's okay to forget... my friend said that if we forget something, it means it's not important kekekekek...

Enjoy The Sentinel! And your ABC Soup! I think I watched only a few minutes of that movie.. forgot why already.. hmm... I'm now buffering Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, a 2005 movie...

may said...

I'm distracted by the Starbucks Diary instead of reading your answers! :P

ok read again a bit...

good answers, but very sampat questions. right? agree anot?

JL said...

memang berdedikasi :)

bagi lu A+*


_butt said...

morninggg sunshine!!

JL, one * where got enough. Angel, I give u FIVE ***** hehe hugs! :D

love the starbucks diary

Winn said...

wah so nice the diary! i wanna get one too!! how? i think no more liao hor

Huei said...

ahhh! midnight angel..nowonder i can never chup =P hehehe

u drank so many coffee!!! i got one chop onli..then no more money go starbucks T_T

adrian_was_here said...

Walau eh! Dat Starbuck Diary so nice wan ah? I tot it was a cheapo desk planner (bcoz they called it planner) :P

Rugilah! I never give them my card to stamp each time. I think its expiring soon right?

Eh, u blogger lar, why u need a diary ah? Just to show only rite? Or keep 'secret' photos. Kakaka...

mistipurple said...

i went and read back the 254 comments post! kkkkk! pengsan kawkaw. brought back sari dropping memories.

Chev said...

kena distracted kaw kaw by the Bintang-Buck Pict. have to read over everything again. thanks for open night car to do the tag.

this is a sampat and kaypoh tag, like u mentioned.. but not that ocipala yet. LOL

Your Monday Filler's post reminds me of my S.P.A.M post.. Also kena spam kaw kaw one, thanks to the SPAM luncheon meat. LOL

Aodian said...

cool book!! I want 1!! btw which is more famous aa?? StarBucks or Coffee Bean?hehe.. cheers

ehonchan.com said...

kekekekekeke. i rmbr that journal!!! :D :D i help u drink one glass also! hehehe. :P why u blog so late? should go sleep lar!!

cibol said...

how many u got? Can give me one? so nice lerr .. No starbucks here, if not I would difinitely have one ..

laundryamah said...

oik? u showed ur face in the previous post wor,,, :)

Cocka Doodle said...

4 cups out of 16 is 25%. Ok, a quarter of that diary is mine, I don't care! Muahahahaha!!!

Cocka Doodle said...

...which means I get to own it and scribble my laam-laam thoughts in it for 3 months....hehehe.
Ok, I'll claim it for April, August and Dec. *grin*

angeles said...

Dear maymay,
Kekekeke! The pics are meant to distract! Cos the tag is so zzzzz! Hehe...

So, you'll wait until 6 months later before you answer this sampat tag ah? Psstt.. just chuck it aside and pretend.. kekekekeke..

*siam iDoc's sampat piaks*

Dear JL,
Hehehehhe... tima kasih Cikgu JL kasi gua A+... wheeeee! Ari nie takyah pi sekolah... kekekekekke...

Dear butty,
Good evening, babyyyyy!!!

Waaaaa!! That means I've got SEX.. I mean, SIX A's!!! :P

Thankies!!! Muaks!

Nice hor, the diary? But drink kopi like mad to get it.. cos I only got the card abt 4 weeks before the last day... :D

Dear winn,
Errr... soli.. hv to wait end of this year liao... January 15 was the last day to redeem...

Dear ah huei,
Oopsie... hehe... soli...

I'll try to post before midnight... one day.. hehe..

Yalor.. I die-die go have coffee for that 3-4 weeks, u know...

Ah? No more $$ go Stabaks ah? Ohhh, I know... u bought new gadgets maa! ;)

Dear adrian,
Eh, I veli pek chek.. can't enter your blog.. *&^%#@!!!

Oops.. soli, out of topic liao.. :P

Ha.. padan muka... u see Stabaks no up neh... thot they gave che kai dairy... eh, planner sounds more canggih than diary wat... no meh??

Expired liao loh... January 15 was the last day to redeem.. nvm la, this November start to collect the sticker again.. BTW, this time, they no stamp... they give sticker...

Blogger dun need diary wan meh?? Actually, you are right.. nowadays where got need diary wan... just write anonymously will do, horrr? Macam John...:P

Speaking of 'secret' photos... so... how much (or what) are u 'offering' for that Tattoo Face? Haha... :P

Dear misti,
U sampat go read that 254 post ah? Kakaka.. I just read a bit oni :P

*remembers Whale Whale again*

Dear Chev,
That's the purpose of the pics ler... to distract ppl's attention kakaka...

You are welcome! Thx for your sampat tag :P I got 'mood' last nite... that's why so kan cheong open night car... kakaka...

Dear Aodian,
U want one? Have to drink kopi a lot a lot wan you know!!

Starbaks or CoffeeBean ah? Actually in KL, there are more Stabaks than KopiBin... personally, I prefer KopiBin's kopi... but then Stabaks got free wi-fi.. so, I think Stabaks is more 'famous' lor... I also like Gloria Jeans & San Francisco Coffee! :)

Dear ehon,
Oops.. ya ya! You helped me drink one glass of kopi! Thankies!

I blog so late because cannot sleep.. also because day time must work maa...

Dear cibol,
I susah-susah drink so many mugs of kopi in a span of 3-4 weeks JUST to get one, you know...

Like this, this November, you belanja me 16 mugs of Stabaks and I redeem one for u, okeh? ;)

Dear laundryamah,
Where got?? Got mehhh? :P

Dear cocka,
Yours ah? OK lorrr... I tear April, August & Dec pages for you...

You scribble your laam laam thoughts of who? Amah ah? Muahahahahaha! :P


Anonymous said...

aiks? nama angeles yg manis nih, bukan aku yg bagi mu ker? aku dapat inspirasi dari bandar satelit manila yg bernama angeles...yg dipronounsiasi sebagai...ang-heh-less. memang spainish betui gak. aku suka nama nih, lebih2 lagi masa aku terpaksa melalui bandar nih dengan taxi kerana miss bus ke aiport. dah lewat lak tu. tetapi, yg paling menyiokkan aku ialah semasa dlm kplterbang, ader seorang pompuan filipino yg sweeeet sangat bercakap dengan aku...dan lepas bertukar info skit, dia berasal dari bandar angeles...kerja advertising...pi KL bercuti dengan memberrr. dia gak kater yg pompuan asal angeles semuanya chun chun belaka...emmmm, betui gak.


Anonymous said...

Like the diary :) Do they still have it? I'll have to start drinking starbucks coffee for the next few months. I'll make M drink too, that way, it'll be faster :p

Ms A

eastcoastlife said...

Wah! Liddat I very hard to get first chup if you blog at 2 plus in the morning! I zzzzz already after exercise lah.... unless I prolong it.... hahaha.....

Nice Starbucks planner. I don't drink coffee... cannot have it leh.

angeles said...

Dear budak bangkok,
Saja nak anonymous sikit, so tukar nama glamor sikit... kononnya la..

Aku tak suker nama sebutan sepanyol tu.. aku lebih suker sebutan inggeris. Chun skit...

Ko ni asyik berpoya-poya sajer.. tsk tsk! Tapi, dulu asyik kater takut la, itulah, inilah.. banyak songeh la ko ni...:P

Dear Ms. A,
Oops.. last day to redeem was 15th of January... have to wait until Nov this year, I think!

Dear eastcoastlife,
U prolong your zzzzz exercise ah? Wahhh... poor Chris kakaka...

U dun drink coffee?? How come?? How can?? Ohhhh! No wonder la the last time in Penang when we ajak you go Starbucks, you didn't want... ;) How about a tea latte for u? Or green tea?


Anonymous said...

biar betui nih.

anyways, budak filipina tu yg sembang dengan i, bukannya i nak sembang ngan dia, tak kuasa....

memang masih takut ponnnnn....


angeles said...

Memang betul... terpikir nak tukar url blog nie, macam ko dulu... tapi, tak sanggup plak.. ish.. that's why, aku punye archives semua dah takde link kat tepi sana tuh...

alah.. ko nie asyik nak salahkan kaum pompuan sajer! ish...

ko nie takut, ada baiknya demi isteri ko tu... ;)

narrowband said...

I ingat I salah masuk blog. Tengok tengok semua komen-komen dalam BM. I also malas wanna go dig the link to my first post. Persal la nak bicara peristiwa lapuk... Itu 'best post' mia question memang pelik. Very subjective one mar these things. Oklar, I berkomen dalam dwibahasa again ;p Selamat berbuka kerja (hoi gung) - Happy MONDAY!!! (IShk I dengar thunder liao, I hope tmr morning not a wet Monday... sigh)

angeles said...

Dear narrowband,
Haha.. soli.. itu kawan aku punye komen... saja-saja... :P

Actually, this tag a bit kaypo lor... aihhh... I want weekend to last forever and ever and ever.. how come cannot wan? Sigh..

kat said...

Aku nak mintak balik itu "DYK..?"!! :D

angeles said...

Dear kat,
Wah wah... ada permintaan baru... OK, just for u, I'll try to DYK in the next post.. and the next.. and the next and hopefully the next as well.. ;)