Thursday, March 27, 2008

Profiles & Easter Tale

I spied this in a profile of a 40 year old man on a certain 'match' website.

i am a man who is full of love that i need to share because it is overflowing. and the more i share of this love the more love i get filled with and it begins to overflow again. therefore i must share again all the love that i have inside of me. and when i have shared the love i have inside of me i am again refilled and it again begins to overflow so that i must again continue share this love that i have inside of me. i am overflowing with love...

But sometimes quite fun to laugh also ma... no? :P
I mean, compare that with this one.

hello and welcome aboard. firstly, i would like to apologise for not replying to subscribing members who have contacted me. i used to be a subscriber but now it only allows contact if both the sender and receiver has a subscription. a little unfair, dun you think? do not despair though coz you can catch me at panasmel or hot...

basically, i consider myself as your typical next-door guy who loves sports, outdoor activities, cooking and reading. i also love travelling and experiencing different cultures of the world. i've already grown out of partying and now prefer to channel my energy towards keeping fit and staying relaxed. it's really stressful earning a decent living so i am prone to acting silly bordering near lunacy when not at work to balance up, lol :P

i'm looking for friends who are independent, loves sports, loves to laugh and being laughed at as well as living every minute of their life to the fullest. i'm tall but not tall enough and i have an athlete built as a result of my active exercise sessions. i guess my ears are kinda small for my size but i'm a very loyal kinda person...just like my chinese zodiac sign...woof-woof, hehe. my clothing styles are very basic and comfy while dressing up is only when it is absolutely and needlessly required, hehehe. in short...the saying "simplicity is the best things in life" will truly describe me for what i am.

Which one would you 'choose'? Yes, I'm asking the obvious :P Gee, I hope both of them are not reading this blog! If you are, I can only say... sorry!! I know lah, by now, you surely have some question marks on top of your head... Eh?? Angeles looking for ......... What?! Kenot meh?! I oledi cukup umur, ok... Anyway, it's just for fun. I mean reading those profiles! :P

Last but not least, this is a little heartwarming story that was related by my friend, Eve in New Jersey during Easter last weekend... she's the Eve with lupus...

Every Easter, we (most adults) will make/buy Easter baskets to give to kids. Its just a basket (can be big or small) filled with candies, small soft toys (usually chicks or bunnies) and/or chocolates. Anyway, Easter is not about candies and bunnies but it gives a the little kiddies something fun to do and they believe in the Easter Bunny and that the Easter Bunny willl bring them goodies.

So anyway, this year, we decided to do one last baskets for Jimmy and Michelle, they are after all 17 and 18 and no longer believe in the Easter Bunny. So on Friday, Jim and I, we went to the store and bought the supplies eg. baskets, grass, chocolate eggs, caramel eggs. truffles, jelly beans etc etc. And then we brought everything home and put together the baskets for the kids.

On Saturday, out of the blue, I suddenly said to Jim, "I want to make baskets for Becky's kids." Becky is our neighbour and she has 3 daughters under 8 years old and Samantha the youngest has Down Syndrome. So, out we went to the store again and came home and put together 3 baskets, pink, purple and green. Later in the evening, I called over to Becky house and asked if the kids had gone to bed. She said "Not Yet, What's Up?" I said, "Call me after they're in bed."

So at 10.15, Becky calls up and said, "Kids are in bed, now will you tell me whats happening?" I said, "OK, I'm coming over."

I walked over to her house with the 3 baskets and when she opened her door and saw the Easter Basket, she started to cry. Apparently, she had been so busy, she didnt have time to go get Easter Baskets for her kids and she had gone to the store late and it was close and she was contemplating on getting up really early to go get them before the kids wake up. She felt really crappy....until I showed up with 3 baskets, in the kids favourite colours.

Now, we have been friends since 2003 and I have never given the kids easter baskets and she had never failed to make Easter baskets for her kids.

The Lord works in mysterious ways!! Amen!!

God bless my dear friend, Eve...

Monday, March 24, 2008

Funny Notice

There's nothing much to share with you lately. Actually, there is alot in one's mind, but then if one were to spew it out here, one wouldn't have enough of energy to 'fight back' the comments. And of course, the other 'safe' things to talk about are either food or travel, but one's fingers are typing so unwillingly... Probably time for another blog break as the 2nd blogiversary is approaching...

I spied this 'staff notice' at an Oldtown Kopitiam last weekend. Sorry so blur... my zoom-zoom lense no good la...



Lunch 12PM - 3PM
Dinner 6PM - 9PM


Friday, March 21, 2008

Flyday Forn - Sushi Groove, Sunway Pyramid

Yesterday, I pigged out on some Japanese buffet spread. Not bad. Fresh sashimi, salmon, white fish, red fish and whatnots. But no picture... because that LCLY restaurant dun allow camera wohhh... so, I also no Forn it lah! Padan muka...

Anyway, pics below were Forn-ed in Sushi Groove last Valentine's Day. Today is Good Flyday. But I'm feeling so, so lethargic even after having more than 10 hours of Beauty Sleep last night. So, it's not a good Flyday for me... :( And then there's the Aching Ankle still... aihhhhh!! I need a Horniday. Happy Easter F1 Weekend...

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Knight Rider 2008 & 20 Ocipala Questions

I recently watched Knight Rider 2008. At first, I thought it was a movie. But it's not for the theaters. It's for TV. Uh huh, kinda like the Pilot episode... The actors are kinda 'boring' but the car... WOW! *sweats*

Video streaming would be here.
Video download try here.

Oh, and this is Michael Knight's son woh... *sweats again* ;)

Adrian forced me to answer 20 questions the other day. Since he's a hak seh wui taikor, I better abide... if not, mampus aku...

The rules are to choose and remove one question from the 20 below. Add one of your own question, making it a total of 20 questions. Link to the person who tagged you. Tag 8 people and list them out at the end of this post.

1. What is your dream during your childhood?
I dreamt of church weddings...

2. Are you happy at this point in your life?
Mmmm... I'm not unhappy...

3. Which colour you like most? Black or White?
Rainbow colours, can ah?

4. Where is the place you wanted to go most? Why?
I am greedy, so I wanna go everywhere. Why? Greedy lah!

5. Which part of you that you love the most?

6. What are you scared to lose the most?
My family, my sanity...

7. If you meet someone that you love, would you confess to him/her? Or just keep secret in heart, observing by yourself?

No confession from me, definitely. I girl maaa... also, once bitten twice shy. Maybe this videojug video could help? Muahahahahaa...

8. List out 3 good points of the one who tag you.
He's funny.
He blogs funny.
He comments funny. (What?? Kenot meh?? *scratches nose*)

9. What are the requirements that you wish for your another half?
Mmmm... In sickness and in health, in poverty or in wealth, Till Death Do Us Part?

10. Which type of person you hate most?
A lot... but I won't list them out lah... it's common sense anyway.

How Can I Tell If Someone Is Lying To Me?

11. What is your ambition?
I WannaBeRich... ♫

12. What is the thing that will make you think he/she is bad.
He / She is bad, not my problem.

13. If you can have 1 dream to come true, what would it be?
I wanna have enough $$$ to travel around the world comfortably with Someone.

14. What do you think is most important in your life?
My family.

15. Who’s your favourite cartoon character?
I Love Mickey!!!

16. What will you do if the world ends tomorrow?
Sleep through it.

17. Do you think people who wears fake eyelashes are hot?
Nope, I don't think so.

A Girl's Guide To Looking Good Naked

18. Do you like smelling your own fart?
I love myself, so, I guess I should love my fart...

19. Would you suck someone’s finger?
No. But I'd suck ....................





Eh, what u thinking? I'd suck lollipops lah!

How To Undress A Woman With Your Teeth

20. My Question - Do you have confidence in the newly elected government in Penang?
I do! I do!! Read about Lim Guan Eng who refused to spend RM100K for repair works at the official CM's residence... wah, he's now our current ngau jeong!!

Thanks for the tag, Adrian :P
If you all read and watched all the videos featured, wahhhh, thank you! Muacks!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Nuffnang Pajama Party

Last nite (Sat), I was at Nuffnang's Pajama Party, thanks to Sheon's invite. Reached there 7 plus and bumped into the first familiar face, Nicholas, in his dark blue pj's and Patrick (the red dog) bedroom slippers at the entrance. The last time I met him was 2006, in London. How did I know him? Haaa.. from blogs lah, where else? Anyway, it was really nice to see him again.

Then found Sheon, was introduced to a few very young girls... yup, indeed the place was full of young boys & girls... So, 'auntie' here was kinda out of place... but s'ok 'cos 'auntie' still got the 'young look', so can blend in... ;P

Spied Wingz upstairs and made my way to say hi. On the way, guess who passed by? I called out to him, "Leonard!" He turned and looked at me, gave me the blur unfamiliar face. Cos he doesn't know how I look like maa... Told him, who I am, but he still got look a bit blur haha.. must be he was hungry la... Nice to meet you, Leonard, although it was just a brief one!

Pump... pump... with a French Maid and Nurse 'on top'...
Suituapui, u can boh?? LOL!

Kennysia was 'requested' to strip... lucky got boxers... and I think it's silk ;)

KidChan, in Malaysian Dreamgirl's pose...

Kennysia with the finalists of Malaysian Dreamgirl

2 Nuffnang founders wearing their 'superman' briefs...

DawnYang kissing a guy who made the highest bid (to get the kiss)

Then, party ended, time to go home... Thanks for the invite, Sheon! I enjoyed 'watching' the party haaha... But guess what happened to moi?

I phok kai just outside the club... Goodness, it was quite a fall because I landed on my fours (both knees and palms) Go imagine lah! Had my phone on my hand. I was of course in 'shock' as I got up, and there was this really nice guy (and from the corner of my eyes, I spied that he's quite good looking also... haha) who came over in a hurry and asked me how I was. That time I sudah shocked, so the words that came out (I think!) was, "I'm okay," and I just continue walking away (Duh!!) although my right knee was hurting ouch! Thought it was bleeding but thank god, it wasn't. The left ankle hurt quite a bit too... must have twisted it a bit. Came home, saw a bump on the ankle and quickly iced it... now, yours truly is kinda 'crippled'... reminded me of the time I phok kai at Puduraya's staircase. I fell 2-3 steps, and twisted the ankle. Aihhh... I'm sucha klutz!

So, that was my Saturday! Mom thinks I shouldn't simply go anywhere on my own becos she said this year, I fan tai sui... How now, brown cow?

Friday, March 14, 2008

Flyday Birthdays & Videos

Flyday again.. today, we sing some songs... learn to Photoshop with Xiaxue... go to a fish spa with Xiaxue & mom... watch a political interview on Al-Jazeera... okehhh??

But before that, a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Misha's MOMMY, Sheon & Freethinker!!! Waaaa!! So many birthdays!!! And also Happy 18th Anniversary to Eastcoastlife & Chris! Woot!!! So many happies!


Can I Stay With You - Karyn White (Yes, the Superwoman singer)

Can I Stay With You Lyrics

I first heard this song years ago, during Radio 4 days. That time, every Wednesday nights at 3am, Angie Ng will go on air and this will always be the first song at the start of her session. Loved her session (on top of Patrick Teoh's, of cos) because she plays all those totally laam songs, and the best was her voice... OMG.. so sexy... near orgasmic voice she has... not sure whether she's still on air now though... So yeah, that was the 'story' behind this song :P See if u liked the song too :)

Remix version of ABBA's Dancing Queen
(dun bother looking at the video, just listen to it)

DYK that every midnight on MIXFM, they play non-stop retro music for 2 hours? Except Sunday nights, I think. Love love retro! (Speaking of which, is anyone going for the Here & Now Tour 2008 The Best of the 80's concert in Genting??)

Next two videos, I accidentally stumble upon them while on youtube. Xiaxue's Guide To Life series. Neh, she's one of Singkapoh's fehmes blogger ahh...

Learn to Photoshop own pics!

Fish Spa with her mom. Coincidentally, this fish spa 'phenomenon'
is being talked about nearly everywhere!

Last but not least, Al-Jazeera's interview with LimKitSiang & AnwarIbrahim.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

YAB Lim Guan Eng etc.

OMG! This sketch is sooo farnie! Especially the "murtabak" part bwahaaahaha!

On another note, I'd like to 'introduce' to you, Penang's new Chief Minister, Y.A.B. Lim Guan Eng. I found an interview done by The Sun newspaper with LGE in July 2004. Below is the C&P of the interview.

LIM GUAN ENG burst onto the political scene in the 1986 general election in Kota Melaka when he was elected as the then youngest Member of Parliament (MP) at 25 years of age, defeating former national football captain Datuk Soh Chin Aun with a whopping 18,000-vote majority.

He also happens to be the eldest son of Parliamentary Opposition Leader Lim Kit Siang, a genealogical heritage that has attracted both interest and flak.

Detained twice by the authorities, first for an 18-month spell in the Kamunting Detention Camp in 1987 under the Internal Security Act (ISA) and secondly for another 18 months in 1998 under the Sedition Act and Printing Presses and Publications Act.

He was imprisoned for circulating documents over an alleged rape of a young Malay girl by a politician which the court found to be false allegations.

Unless he gets a Royal pardon, Guan Eng cannot practise as an accountant. He can, however, revive his political career on Aug 25, five years to the day after his release from Kajang prison.

Steadfast in his political conviction, he chats with NG KEE SENG.

theSun: What are your thoughts on your "exile" and the prospects of being active in politics again?
The so-called "exile" was a ban on all political activity and removal of parliamentary rights for five years effective from the date of my release from imprisonment.

At a personal level, it was tough for my family and me, especially financially. But as said by King Solomon in Ecclesiastics, "Everything that happens in this world happens at the time God chooses. He sets the time for sorrow and the time for joy; He sets the time for finding and the time for losing; He sets the time for silence and the time for talk ... We should be happy and do the best we can."

During this so-called exile, I saw human nature at both its extremes, but I never faltered from my belief in the political process. I tried to be happy and did the best I can.

One has to participate and be actively involved to bring about positive changes. That we by our involvement can and do make a difference, that the lives we touch are better because of us.

Even though I am no longer a wakil rakyat (MP) and barred from any office, I am still active in community work in the name of my party, making my small difference for the better of the community in Malacca.

In that respect, does my voluntary work make me a political activist? So, to say that I am in "exile" may not be accurate but perhaps I no longer need to bother you with so many political statements.

Will you be just as vocal in championing freedom of speech?
The antitheses of freedom of speech are the Sedition Act and the Printing Presses and Publications Act. I believe I was wrongly convicted under both oppressive laws.

Even when I was imprisoned, I was not deterred from speaking for what I believe is right, so freedom shall definitely not restrain me from speaking up for justice, human rights and democracy.

How has the imprisonment affected your political principles and struggles for Malaysians and their country?
The imprisonment has made me more determined. We are always asked whether our rhetoric is matched by action, if we can "walk the talk".

Well, I have walked the talk and after going through such tough times without giving them an inch, the BN politicos know whether I still hold fast to my principles.

I have paid a severe price for maintaining my beliefs. My family has suffered even more. But was it too much to ask for some honesty in our system?

Divorced from ethics and integrity, leadership is reduced to management and politics to mere technique. Ethics, honesty and integrity are the corner stones to any successful, prosperous and equitable nation.

But this is not my personal struggle. This is part of a larger struggle for the political soul and morality of our country. There must be moral outrage against corruption and political immorality.

Too much is coloured by race and religion until good values and practices are secondary. If we do not instil moral values in our political system, wipe out corruption, uphold democracy and impose accountability, exercise compassion, our country would not be a place where decent Malaysians can be proud of.

If you are confronted with an identical political problem or issue which got you into prison, how will you respond or treat it today?
Fundamental issues of justice, truth and democracy cannot be compromised. The substance at its core is immutable but the handling or style of dealing with it can perhaps take into account prevailing sensitivities.

There is too much political cynicism which is understandable when you find some Umno leaders waxing eloquently against money politics when they have been previously associated with it.

Umno encourages such cynicism because it works for them. The challenge is to let the people see there are still Malaysians out there who still see political office as a noble calling for public service and not merely degrading self-enrichment.

What are the issues that continue to remain close to your heart?
Justice. Political justice. Socio-economic justice. Cultural justice. Employment and educational justice. There must not only be equality before the law but also equal opportunity for all Malaysians. Justice for Anwar, Ah Beng, Ali, Raja, Juggah, Kitingan. Justice for all. Even for the policeman.

Why should the government set up a special police squad to protect the VIPs from violent crimes? Are the VIPs so special that they cannot be robbed and so require special protection whilst lesser and poorer mortals like us do not deserve special protection and are left in the hands of the ordinary police? Do VIPs give special payments to the police? Such double-standards must be hard to imitate.

As an eight-year-old child, I could never understand why a good man like my father has to be locked up by the police (detained under the ISA in 1969). Forty years later, I still cannot comprehend why in Malaysia, good men go to prison whereas the bad ones don't.

What crimes have DAP leaders committed? We don't steal, rob or cheat. We only speak the truth and yet we go to prison. Or is the truth a dangerous crime in Malaysia?

Equal opportunity is necessary for globalisation. By not granting equal opportunity, we are not only denying worthwhile Malaysians the right of realising their full potential, we are also depriving our country of local talents to help develop our economy.

The 128 top STPM students is a case in point. Which country in the world would deny top students a place in the medical profession, especially when there is a severe shortage of doctors?

How do you cope with the flak that you have been receiving from within and outside the DAP for being the son of parliamentary Opposition Leader and party icon Lim Kit Siang?
I am proud of my father's achievements and his selfless sacrifice, compassion and service for the nation. But my detractors need not fear for I am no Lim Kit Siang. There can be only one Lim Kit Siang. They threw away the mould after him.

I merely ask to be judged as a person on my own merits. If I do not perform, criticise me. If I falter, pan me. But do not judge me merely on the basis of Kit Siang's son. That's not fair to Lim Kit Siang and definitely not fair to me.

Nobody asked me whether I was Lim Kit Siang's son when they detained me without trial under the ISA. No one asked the same questions when I was imprisoned in Kajang for 18 months, sleeping on a cement floor without beds.

And no one mentioned that I was Kit Siang's son when I was disqualified from Parliament and lost my pension. And neither was this raised when Tan Sri Eric Chia sued me for defamation over my ACA report on the Perwaja scandal.

At times, it is a terrible disadvantage. You are on a treadmill all the time and you need to run like hell all the time just to be in the same place. Your successes are glossed over and your flaws magnified.

Unlike others who are seen as deserving, somehow those with famous fathers are not seen as good enough. Perhaps, just as sequels are never judged to be better than the first one. But then again Spiderman 2 is the exception.

Do you aspire to become DAP secretary-general while your father is still active in the party?
I joined the DAP because it shared my beliefs and principles, not to aspire for any posts in the party. Unlike BN, holding posts in DAP does not grant you any monetary benefits. In fact, the reverse is quite true.

The DAP today appears to be performing better at federal than state elections? Do you agree?
Yes, I think it's the voters' way of wanting to keep the cake and eat it. They want some development funds yet realise a genuine opposition like the DAP is necessary to keep democracy alive and the government in check.

What are your views of the outcome of the 11th general election?
The Opposition is getting more marginalised. Unless the people wake up and send in more opposition parliamentarians, the word democracy will make a mockery of people's power and empowerment.

Race and religion have regained their dominant role. This has played into the hands of BN which fears an issue-oriented approach by a multi-racial opposition.

With the Barisan Nasional winning nine-tenths of the 219 parliamentary seats (BN 198, Opposition 20 and Independent one), do you think there is any possibility of the Opposition winning the mandate to rule the country?
Politics is the art of the impossible but even that seems pretty far-fetched at the moment in Malaysia. Somehow we must provide the hope that change is still possible with a stronger opposition.

And we do need far-reaching changes to survive in the modern world. Either we move ahead with globalisation, technological progress, economic prosperity shared equally, equal access to information and greater democratic rights or descend into an anarchy of violence whether inspired by American or Islamic terrorism.

The non-Malay populace is shrinking with every passing year. How do you see this affecting politics, especially in the Islamic state issue which is being heatedly debated between Umno and PAS in Parliament?
It will change the nation-building agenda from one of development, justice, equal opportunity to one of religion and oppression by other

This is very unhealthy and to a certain extent it is perpetuated by the ruling party for its own ends. PAS playing this dangerous game on a higher plane of course will intensify it.

What are your visions for the DAP to remain politically relevant?
Malaysians must believe that participating in the political process represents probably the only hope that they can make Malaysia a better place for themselves and their children.

We are disheartened by the rising crime rate where the police seem powerless and helpless. No one is spared from violent crime and yet the police appear so inert.

Yet there is hope. The case of a good samaritan like Rosli who died trying to catch a snatch thief. We need more Malaysians like that. Perhaps more Malaysians who will do the necessary not only for their own "bangsa dan agama" but also other races.

There are three major strands here. One, the need for national unity based on a non-racial and non-religious framework. The idea of nationhood based on the dominance of a particular race and religion is in itself divisive and unsustainable in the long-term.

Tolerance is sometimes just not enough -- there must be respect for different cultural values. The horrors of the fragility of national unity inspired by racial or religious dominance has been shown only too well in the Middle-East and the Balkan states.

Racial or religious parties should not be allowed. There is no necessity to impose it now. Give 10 years as a transitional period. In the long-run, we will all be healthier for it. The ruling parties must take the lead. After all, there will be no change in the status quo as politics is a numbers game and we know who is the majority race.

We must establish multi-racialism and a multi-religious society as a way of life in our society. Politicians should lead the way. Doing something for another race one normally does for one's own. It's not easy but we must start somewhere.

Then not only Malaysians will feel good about themselves but we will also have come of age if we can make people from other countries feel good about us.

The second strand is political and economic accountability. One leads to the other. The ISA is one such law which does not make the government accountable for its actions. That the ACA reports to the prime minister and not Parliament, this definitely does not make economic accountability effective.

There can be no economic accountability without political accountability. Western developed economies have both. Singapore is perhaps the exception with economic accountability but no political accountability.

Yes, in Singapore, you may be rich but you live in "fear" -- see the jokes about Singaporeans' "kiasu" mentality. We may laugh at Singaporeans but save some for our own for unfortunately we do not even have both political and economic accountability.

The third major strand is the need for the institutionalisation of democracy. We have a democracy without a democratic culture. Is going through the motions of electing our leaders once every five years democracy, when the electoral process is not fair and neutral?

And then there is the mockery of unelected local governments. Democracy is supposed to come from the bottom up, from the people. We have lousy local government service because they are all appointed and unaccountable.

No wonder garbage gets uncollected, drains blocked, flash floods, etc. I don't see why we can't have local government elections when even the communist regime of China is experimenting with electing local government leaders.

Are we going to be more backward than China? A united Malaysia based on a multi-racial and multi-religious framework with emphasis on equal opportunity for all, a moral and compassionate value system, respect for political and economic accountability and a healthy democratic culture.

Then, we can not only feel good about ourselves but I am sure even make our neighbours feel good about us.

Guan Eng's wife Betty Chew Gek Cheng, 40 (Kota Laksamana assemblyman and mother to three children aged nine, 12 and 13).

theSun: How do you feel now that your husband is re-entering active politics?
Betty: He always seems destined to serve his country so I try to keep my fears and apprehension in check. But both of us do take counsel of our fears and apprehensions and pray that we have the courage to endure.

The most important thing is that he is by my side and the children's side. Which he has for the last five years, doing all the things husbands and fathers do -- basically being a driver, checking the daily chores are done, being a homemaker for a change.

But he never tires of the deluge of people seeking help from him. I marvel at times at his energy, spending his time doing voluntary work, helping those in need regardless whether they are from Malacca or not, or even when they are foreigners.

I think he is energised by his reward of seeing the hope light up in their eyes. He does that without any monetary support from the party and this does make it hard for us when he should be thinking of putting in something for our growing children's education. But it is his mission and I try to support him where I can.

Do you think he has mellowed after being penalised for helping a teenage girl in distress?
What mellowness? He is ready to help even when he is not a wakil rakyat and not drawing any pension. He has no obligation to do so and yet he still does. Do you think that's mellow? I still think he's the same, with the same discipline, ideals and dedication and affinity for the oppressed.

Will you be taking a back seat now that he is back in active politics?
I was never in the driver's seat, merely doing my work in my own constituency. Unlike my husband, I do not have the energy and time to do more beyond my own constituency with my legal practice and family commitments.

How do you cope with the pressures of politics, legal practice and family?
It has been tough but my husband has fully supported my pursuit of my legal career. He says I make a good homemaker but an even better lawyer.

He feels strongly that women who do not pursue their careers do not only fail to realise their potential but is a loss to society. So he helps out wherever he can in politics, family and even in legal practice.


And this news was picked up from malaysiakini earlier today...

Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng today announced that PKR’s Penanti state assemblyperson Muhammad Fairuz Khairuddin and DAP’s Perai representative P Ramasamy would be made the state’s deputy chief ministers.

Muhammad Fairuz will be the Deputy CM 1 and Ramasamy, the Deputy CM 2.

Lim, who was sworn in yesterday, said the decision to pick the duo was to have a leadership to represent all communities in Penang.

This is the first time an Indian has been awarded such a high post in Malaysia.

The state's executive council will consist of seven members from DAP and three from PKR.

Meanwhile, both speaker and deputy speaker of the state assembly will be from PKR.

The lone PAS state assemblyperson, who has been left out of the DAP-PKR government, has said he will cooperate with the state government.

The DAP-led opposition made a clean sweep in Penang in the last general election, totally wiping out the BN’s hold in the island state."

If you skipped all those C&P words, which I think most of us would :P, it's a-ok. Because I'm happy to know that he earned my one vote. Tak sia-sia pangkah aku tu... At last, Penang got hope liao... all eyes are now on this man... and a note to eastcoastlife, of course KL is safe to visit! I still waiting and waiting and waiting... ;)

Last but not least, on the 'personal' front, this was what happened to my electric fuse box (correct term ah??) last week. I came back to a 'hot' refrigerator... -_-

The 'middle' switch that refused to go 'up' no matter how hard I tried to help :'(

ps: Sorry for the rojak-ness of this entry... I have a rojak mind today.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

8308 - Polling Day, Happy Birthday

At last! Polling Day! D-Day! Which means, Yours Truly will be out of KayElle City, heading towards Pearl of The Orient to exercise her rights as a Malaysian citizen.

But of course, on top of being D-Day for Malaysians, it is also D-Birthday of a dear friend, the Fruit Emperor, sifu, supporter, motivator etc etc... I present to you, Mr. Albie Wong! *applause applause*

W00t!!! You have just been 'crowned' Hottest Model 2008...
My! Wot a Diva Pose! And, such a stylo-mylo 'airy' grey Giordano cotton t-shirt.
(No thanks to no salt...)

Thanks to Mama Baby G who so happened made one of the
most moistest mamamia chocolate cake! Totally Orgasmically Yummy!

With flash.. can see clearer... are u drooling now?? Muahahaaaha...

OKlah, last one... *SLURP*

Well, since it's L B's birthday, the LB initials remind me of a lot of names, eg. LeBond, LeBrinjal, LaBia and of course, Little Britain! Little Britain is a British (duh!) comedy sketch show. Kinda like the NBC's Saturday Night Live (SNL). It's sampatly funny if you understood Brit humour. So, I give you the first episode of the first season lah... Enjoy!

Part 1 - Little Britain S1 Ep1

Part 2 - Little Britain S1 Ep1

Part 3 - Little Britain S1 Ep1

NB - Entry is published a few hours ahead of 'schedule'... cos' later got moshi-moshi dinner, and then busy packing, then zzzz...

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - OK, Not That Quite Wordless

Spotted on the way to work when my car was stationary, waiting for the lights to turn green. Notices in English & Chinese were seen on quite a number of those concrete slabs we always see by the roadside when there are roadworks etc. Didn't manage to snap the one in Chinese but I thought I saw RM2,300 in the notice. Hmmmm... how come Engrish speaking only offered RM1,200?? Well, maybe I saw wrongly... will try to take the Chinese version tomorrow... if I'm 'lucky' at the lights :P

*click on the picture to read it without magnifying glass*

Monday, March 03, 2008

THHC™ Chapter 21 - Let's Spoon! JomPeluk!©

First, some 'news' for Malaysia Airline's passengers...

In compliance with global industry standards, Malaysia Airlines will be implementing a maximum weight rule of 32kg for all check-in luggage, effective 1 March 2008.

That means each bag you check in must not exceed 32kg. In case your luggage exceeds the maximum weight allowed, there are packing stations available at KLIA where dedicated service attendants will assist you with repacking.

Malaysia Airlines current luggage allowance by class:
Economy - 20kg
Business - 30kg
First Class - 40kg

For more info, call 1300 88 3000 or visit

On Saturday, Ms. A took me to a place in Puchong to have some non-halal lunch... she said this place got "Dry" Bak Kut Teh. Eh? Dry? Dry means no "teh" liao ma, no? :P

The Tea... with very tiny teacups...

Very canggih mia 'kettle' for the tea...

The Meal... RM26+

The Dry Bak Kut (no teh :P) - RM9
Not too bad... dried sotong (cuttlefish) was used to enhance the flavour.

The Bak Kut Teh... RM8
The soup was kinda thick and yummy! *slurp*

The Yao Char Kuai...

The "Glass Vege" :P - RM4 (I think)



Sorry for the delay of February's THHC Results... for more info, this is the place to go...

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According to the 100% accurate Who-To-Vote-For-This-Election Decision Generator™, you should vote for...


Who Should You Vote For This Election?

Go try out this Election-Decision-Generator. I LoL-ed so loud at one of the choices for the question, What is HINDRAF?

(C) A Hindu with Dandruff (Hahahaaaa!!) *fell off the bed*